We’ve already seen two of the more unusual themed bars: The Slaughtered Lamb in Greenwich Village and The Way Station in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Now, let’s look back at those two quirky bars, and we’ll show you two new ones in a roundup of some eccentric places to nerd out with some drinks.

1. The Slaughtered Lamb, Greenwich Village

With UK-styled pubs all over the city, one might find it hard to find one with a distinct charm. The Slaughtered Lamb certainly isn’t lacking in distinction. Based off the John Landis film An American Werewolf in London, this pub trades the quaint coziness of a roadside public house for a horror-filled decor, complete with wax sculptures depicting werewolf attacks and a downstairs “dungeon” with various paintings and flourishes giving tribute to its cinematic inspiration. The Slaughtered Lamb is more than just a quick sideshow: It has amenities befitting a proper British alehouse with a cozy fireplace in the seating area, pool, and darts in the basement. Horror cinephiles would especially enjoy the house speciality, the Full Moon Ale.