3. Gotham City Lounge, Bushwick


While it may appear to be the watering hole of a biker gang with a penchant for superheros, Gotham City Lounge is actually a comic book enthusiast and thrifty spender’s dream. The interior is plastered with comic books, movie props, original signed artwork, and murals. Fairly small with a low key vibe, the bar makes no pretensions, offering beers starting at $2. It also has  a cocktail list featuring some favorite characters from the glossy pages of your favorite comic books, such the mystery drink the “Daredevil” or the villain-named but sweet-tasting “Mr. Freeze” and “Harley Quinn.”


Every Sunday or so is also movie night, offering suitable fare from 60’s B movies to more recent big screen adaptations. Tucked beneath an M-Line stop, Gotham City Lounge is just like the comics that are lacquered into its floor: cheap and easy fun.