We’ve already seen two of the more unusual themed bars: The Slaughtered Lamb in Greenwich Village and The Way Station in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Now, let’s look back at those two quirky bars, and we’ll show you two new ones in a roundup of some eccentric places to nerd out with some drinks.

1. The Slaughtered Lamb, Greenwich Village

With UK-styled pubs all over the city, one might find it hard to find one with a distinct charm. The Slaughtered Lamb certainly isn’t lacking in distinction. Based off the John Landis film An American Werewolf in London, this pub trades the quaint coziness of a roadside public house for a horror-filled decor, complete with wax sculptures depicting werewolf attacks and a downstairs “dungeon” with various paintings and flourishes giving tribute to its cinematic inspiration. The Slaughtered Lamb is more than just a quick sideshow: It has amenities befitting a proper British alehouse with a cozy fireplace in the seating area, pool, and darts in the basement. Horror cinephiles would especially enjoy the house speciality, the Full Moon Ale.

2. The Way Station, Prospect Heights

The Way Station is advertised as a “Music Venue & Nerdvana,” and it’s not hard to see why. Upon entering, visitors are immediately showered in murals and memorabilia from the long-running British science fiction show “Dr. Who.” The bar features the show’s iconic TARDIS which houses the joint’s restrooms. The Way Station embraces its identity as a sci-fi and adventure haven with cocktails like the “11th Doctor” and the “Sonic Screwdriver” but also the “Shirley Temple of Doom” and the “Christopher Walken Dead.” It also serves as a venue to all kinds of events:  live music shows range from Celtic rock to jazz and even burlesque performances, while trivia nights and movie marathons happen nearly every week.

3. Gotham City Lounge, Bushwick


While it may appear to be the watering hole of a biker gang with a penchant for superheros, Gotham City Lounge is actually a comic book enthusiast and thrifty spender’s dream. The interior is plastered with comic books, movie props, original signed artwork, and murals. Fairly small with a low key vibe, the bar makes no pretensions, offering beers starting at $2. It also has  a cocktail list featuring some favorite characters from the glossy pages of your favorite comic books, such the mystery drink the “Daredevil” or the villain-named but sweet-tasting “Mr. Freeze” and “Harley Quinn.”


Every Sunday or so is also movie night, offering suitable fare from 60’s B movies to more recent big screen adaptations. Tucked beneath an M-Line stop, Gotham City Lounge is just like the comics that are lacquered into its floor: cheap and easy fun.

4. Barcade, Williamsburg


While there are a lots of fans for old-school stand up arcade games and hard-to-find craft beers, you’d be hard pressed to find one place to please a fan of both. Luckily, Barcade exists to fulfill both needs. This spacious destination offers nearly 50 retro games, from Arkanoid to Zoo Keeper nestled between booths and tables. Change machines are available for those saving quarters for laundry and all machines can be played for their original opening price, usually one credit per quarter.

In addition to an impressive collection of decades of video game fun, Barcade boasts an impressive and constantly changing menu of craft beers from all over the country, from seasonals to limited releases, on tap.

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