Snow Cones 4 Grown Up-Untapped CitiesImage via Flickr; Drew Hubbard, Ben Waters

Snow cones aren’t just for kids anymore thanks to Casacabel Taqueria and its tequila snow cone, “Mango Valentina,” available today until September 20. Made with Espolon Silver tequila and a syrup combining mango and lemongrass, this cool summertime treat is perfect for adults. On top of this awesomely fresh combination of ingredients is a fruity liquid packed with tart pineapple and volcanic hot sauce for an added kick. We hear you can get the treat to go as well;–seems like desserts don’t apply to the open container law!

Casacabel Taqueria, a casual Mexican restaurant inspired by the markets of Mexico, is located on the Upper East Side at 1538 2nd Avenue.

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