Holey Donuts! is on the corner of Grove St and 7th Avenue South

We love our sweets here at Untapped Cities, particularly when it’s in a quirky location. You will remember how taken we were with that automated cupcake machine, or our roundup of the top 8 “indie” donut shops in NYC. Today this stopped us in our tracks.  Holey Donuts! are said to be great tasting without the fat, calories or guilt.

A regular donut can have as much as 15-35 grams of fat and have a calorie count north of 400.  But at Holey Donuts! they are talking more like 3-5 grams of fat due to a patented cooking process that avoids deep frying, and calories ranging from 170 to 280.  Up to now, they could only be purchased online and delivered by express mail.  But they are now venturing into the retail shop arena.

Holey Donuts! opened three weeks ago and is their first New York shop

If you’re counting calories, 220 calories is not exactly diet food but it’s not as deadly as going next door for a 380 calorie Frappuccino, and we were surprised at how good it was! They also have an interesting philosophy: “Nothing on Display.  Nothing to Throw Away.” And so when you place your order, it is made right in front of you.  Boston Cream Donut?  They stuff and glaze it on the spot, still warm.

They have a huge assortment of stuffings and toppings - made fresh

Creating a Holey Donut
Creating a Holey Donut
At the entrance you are greeted by a colorful calorie menu
At the entrance you are greeted by a colorful calorie menu

You can follow Holy Donuts!  on Facebook or better yet, visit them at 101 Seventh Avenue South, on the corner of Grove Street opposite the #1 subway station.  Not counting calories?  Then go for our Top 8 Indie Donut Shops!

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  1. this is by far my favorite donut place ever, but too bad its only in new york 🙁 I would slay a thousand souls for holey donuts to come to miami, people need to know about this place ASAP

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