9. H&H Bagels

h&h bagels-you've got mail-film locations-upper west sideThe bagel shop was also featured  on the TV shows Seinfeld and Friends. The building now sells phones. 

One of the main locations used in the tenth episode of the show’s final season, H&H Bagels in the Upper East Side is where we finally learn where Kramer works. It is also the episode where Kramer gets involved in the made up holiday of “Festivius.” H&H Bagels was founded in 1972 by Helmer Toro and is the largest manufacturer of bagels in the world. The reason why the show took so long to show us Kramer’s place of work is because he has been on strike… for 12 years. The shop has served many celebrities in its three locations for years, including former President Bill Clinton, Barbara Streisand, John Madden, Michael J. Fox and Jerry Stiller himself.

At one point there were three different H&H locations but the rest are no more, with the locations closing up shop in the past few years. No word on whether they still distribute bagels globally.

Seinfeld is not the only time you get to see the bagel shop on screen, it also is seen in the ’90s romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail.