5. Al’s Soup Kitchen International

“NO SOUP FOR YOU!” is a catchphrase that still can be heard whenever anyone gets together to talk about Seinfeld. The character of “The Soup Nazi” is actually based on a really Soup chef who Jerry and the crew would go to for years. Known as “The Original Soup Man” Al Yeganeh despises the “Soup Nazi” name that has been placed on him after the episode’s premiere. It is said that after the premiere, Yeganeh (who is Iranian, not German) dished out a curse-filled filled tirade against Jerry Seinfeld and refused to give him soup.

He shut down his business in 2004, only to re-open six year later at the same location: 259-A West 59th Street. You can go there today and order some soup, but remember to follow the rules, which Al has in many different languages.