4. Hotel Edison

In the Season 3 episode The Subwayall four of the main characters experience a one-of-a-kind (we hope) experience riding the subway. None other however, could be more embarrassing or disturbing than George’s experience. Thinking he is going to get laid by a beautiful stranger, George does not realize that this women is playing him, planning to abandon him at the hotel, while robbing him.

The incident, where the woman takes his only good suit happens inside the Edison Hotel on 47th Street. Luckily for George he did not end up like Luca Brasi, when he made a stop at the famous hotel.

3. Park Right

In the season 7 finale “The Wig Master” George and Kramer have been using a discount parking lot in Midtown because the rates are so low. Much to George’s surprise he finds a prophylactic in the car, leading him to believe that the lot is a place where prostitutes take their johns.  In a hilarious moment of bad timing, Kramer–who has been giving clothes and a cane throughout the episode–catches a prostitute and her john in his car. When he tries to restrain the sex worker, the police appear, believing that Kramer is a pimp.

In case you want to park your car (and that’s all) you can head to Park Right parking lot on 11th Avenue and 44th Street.

3. Bak’s Market

The fruit stand on which Kramer and later Jerry get banned by the shop owner does not really exist. However it is said that the shop is inspired by an actual fruit stand that series co-creator Larry David was actually banned from. The shop formerly known as Bak’s Market once occupied 609 W 43rd Street. The area is now a giant office building.