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While she may become more known for her life as a movie star soon, Charlotte Le Bon is an artist at heart, or should we say head? The name Charlotte Le Bon may not mean anything to Americans now, but in a few years time, she may be gracing every magazine cover and feature film poster from NYC to Paris. This French-Canadian former model is also a talented illustrator, photographer, comedian and actress, is gearing up to become one of the biggest stars on the international stage.

In the coming years she is set to star alongside Academy Award winner Helen Mirren, in the Steven Spielberg-produced The Hundred Foot Journey. She is also in this year’s biopic of French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent and in the Robert Zemekis biopic of French high-wire artist Phillipe Petit, who famously walked between the Twin Towers.  She is not just adding major features to her resume, for the U.S art-house audience will be able to see Ms. Le Bon in Michel Gondry’s Mood Indigo later this year.

It is astounding that this woman of many talents, even has the time to come up with and execute something like the Heart-Headed Project, a self-funded street art project.

Charlotte Le Bon-France-Paris-Heart Headed Project-HH Project-Art-Exhibition-Photography-Untapped CitiesPhoto via Charlotte Le Bon

Like Michael Fassbender in Frank, the Heart-Headed Project involves Charlotte covering up her most well-known asset. In this independent project, Charlotte literally wears a giant, red heart over her head and photographs it in various locations around Paris. The idea comes directly from the imagination of Charlotte herself, who encourages the thousands of people who follow her on social media to send her your worst love stories. From what we understand, Charlotte reads these stories and uses them as inspiration for the project, possibly using the locations and quotes from the people who share with her.

Charlotte Le Bon-France-HH Project-Untapped Cities-Paris-Heart Head-Art-ProjectPhoto via Charlotte Le Bon

Charlotte is not new to the world of street art either, having worked with JR on a 2013 exhibition of 2,500 faces in Lyon, France to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the first anti-racist march in France.

Charlotte Le Bon-Hear Headed-HH Project-Art-Paris-Untapped CitiesPhoto via Charlotte Le Bon

Charlotte Le Bon-Art-Heart Headed Project-HH Project-Paris-Untapped CitiesPhoto via Charlotte Le Bon

Charlotte Le Bon-Art-Heart Headed Project-HH Project-Paris-Untapped Cities-001Photo via Charlotte Le Bon

If all this has left you wondering still about the comedic skills we spoke about earlier, we encourage you to watch Charlotte’s skits on Le Grand Journal, a show on France’s Canal+ where she spoofed the weather daily in “La Météo.”

All photos from Charlotte Le Bon’s Instagram. You can follow the Heart-Headed Project on Twitter with the hashtag #HHProject.

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