NYC-Music-Map-Full-View-Untapped-CitiesPhoto via Constantine Valhouli

It would be nearly impossible to visualize the songs that reference and are inspired by New York City – until now. Real estate developer Constantine Valhouli (whose past exploits include a Facebook hoax centered around fake memorial plaques) took it upon himself to comb Wikipedia’s list of songs referencing New York City, and has created an interactive map which puts a pin on the location mentioned in each song.

NYC-Music-Map-Manhattan-Search-Untapped-CitiesPhoto via Constantine Valhouli.

The map, which utilizes a Google Maps format extends from New Jersey to Montauk. It is searchable by artist, or you could simply scroll through all the songs in the list on the left hand side. The pins include links to performances of the songs, and you can zoom in for the exact address of every song.

NYC-Music-Map-hohey-thelumineers-Untapped-CitiesPhoto via Constantine Valhouli

Iconic New York musicians such as Billy Joel and Jay-Z are easy to find, but the variety is mind-boggling. It’s incredible to see the sheer span of music, from Frank Sinatra to Vampire Weekend, that is represented on the map. It’s still a work in progress, and suggestions are welcomed at [email protected].

NYC-Music-Map-Billy-Joel-Untapped-CitiesPhoto via Constantine Valhouli

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