Ain’t no cure for the summertime blues

Ugh, summer. I’m so tired of it that I’m even tired of complaining about it, and it’s not even halfway over yet. If you need me, I’ll be over here with my face smashed right up against the air conditioner, dreaming about avalanches.

Alas, no one can spend three months in the comfort of the climate-controlled indoors. Sometimes we have to go outside to do things like hang out with other humans we like, or do our jobs, or buy ice cream. Whatever your outdoor mission, chances are pretty good that you’ll see some other people, and they’ll be wearing clothes. Summer fashion tends to exist in a Venn diagram of bright-colored / flowing / wtf, probably a result of heat-induced psychosis. I saw an amazing example of this convergence on the C train the other day.

First item: decorative Doc Martens. A good way to tell the world that you like sorta tacky things and you’re not gonna take any crap from anyone about it. Next: lime green sweatpants. You’re not into structure. And third: a shirt that is also a watermelon. You love watermelon, a sentiment I can wholeheartedly get behind in July. I really want to know what the rest of this person’s closet looks like. Are there more fruit shirts? Is every day a celebration of a different food? Where can I buy this pizza shirt?

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