5. Septuagesimo Uno, Upper West Side

septuaguesimo uno smallest park in nyc untapped cities upper west side alexander mcquilkin

The smallest park in the five boroughs, Septuagesimo Uno is only 0.04 acres. As Untapped contributor Alex McQuilkin put it, this park is “like a short, awkward cousin in a family photo.” The story of this park starts with the Vest Pocket Park Campaign in the 1960s when the NYC mayor John Lindsay decided the city should go green and have more breathing space. If this park looks familiar to you, it’s probably because it was featured in Little Manhattan, starring baby Josh Hutcherson. Find it on 256  W 71st street — it may also be the only park with a street address.

Ditch that ridiculous night club all the millennials are running to. Come over to the quieter side–we think you’ll like it.

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