septuagesimo uno upper west side quiet spot in new york city untapped cities alex mcquilkin

Let’s face it: Manhattan is loud. Get in touch with your inner zen for a second and avoid the screeching noise of the subway at these five spots on the quieter side. Check out a bar opened by monks, a room filled with dirt, the smallest park in NYC, and more!

1. The Burp Castle, East Village

Burp Castle east village quiet bar artisinal beer untapped cities samantha sokol

Founded by Belgian monks, this bar in East Village has an exquisite craft beer selection as well as free pomme frites. Most importantly, this quiet New York City bar is probably the only bar at which you could actually hear your friends speak. The walls are covered with absurd paintings of drunk monks resembling pirates, going bananas on a medieval ship. The legend tells the monks also served drinks here in the nineties, but now they just have regular waiters. Allegedly, the monks want their beer to be enjoyed in silence, which basically means you’ll be shushed every once in a while by the waiters. As one Foursquare reviewer noted “You can find a 1000 noisy bars in NYC but only one quiet one.” 

2. Dream House, TriBeCa

“Dream House” is a project by the MELA foundation where you can drop by, take off your shoes (as they ask you to) and take a breather. According to Secret New York – An Unusual Guide, “Since 1989, night and day, the building on Church Street has played a single sound – the buzz – composed of thirty one-sine waves.” Everyone needs a break from time to time and believe it or not, if you just need a quiet moment when you’re on the run, this noisy place will embrace you.

3. Patchin Place, Greenwich Village

Patchin place greenwich village lamp post alleyway new york city untapped cities samantha sokol

Patchin Place is home to the last 19th century gaslamp in New York City (though it’s now powered by electricity). It is a gated community in historic Greenwich Village, and it was once home to E.E Cummings. This adorable alleyway reminds us of the story of the lamplighter from The Little Prince. Tucked away in a small corner of the village, Patchin Place is a perfect spot to enjoy some quiet in New York City.

4. The Earth Room, SoHo


The Earth Room is a Soho art piece by Walter de Maria, an artist famous for his extraordinary land art work such as the Broken Kilometer at 393 West Broadway and the Lightning Field in New Mexico. De Maria’s intentions for this work  was for visitors to feel the Earth in the room and connect to nature in an urban setting. This room full of dirt has existed since 1977 and has had the same caretaker for over 23 years, Mr. Bill Dilworth. Step into the Earth room and enjoy a moment of silence in New York City.

5. Septuagesimo Uno, Upper West Side

septuaguesimo uno smallest park in nyc untapped cities upper west side alexander mcquilkin

The smallest park in the five boroughs, Septuagesimo Uno is only 0.04 acres. As Untapped contributor Alex McQuilkin put it, this park is “like a short, awkward cousin in a family photo.” The story of this park starts with the Vest Pocket Park Campaign in the 1960s when the NYC mayor John Lindsay decided the city should go green and have more breathing space. If this park looks familiar to you, it’s probably because it was featured in Little Manhattan, starring baby Josh Hutcherson. Find it on 256  W 71st street — it may also be the only park with a street address.

Ditch that ridiculous night club all the millennials are running to. Come over to the quieter side–we think you’ll like it.

For another more places to find peace and quiet in New York City, check out this nature sanctuary in Central Park, and these 8 abandoned islands near the city. There’s also a handy map on where to find quiet spots in this bustling city.