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When BJ Lomax throws a party, you can be sure you will end up dead on your feet by the end of it. This past Friday, we had the honor of continuing our coverage of the always amazing BBQ Films events with Weekend at Bernie Jr’s, a party hosted by multi-millionaire himself BJ Lomax. The party was to celebrate the launch of his latest start up BernBux, and, like the man himself, he wanted to do it in style. Buying out the Playland Motel in Far Rockaway, we saw first hand the Champagining & Campaigning lifestyle of BJ Lomax himself.

Riding in on his candy coated Chevy Stingray, carrying the WWF Intercontinental Championship he won over Mr. Perfect before retiring from the ring after one match, and with his personal bodyguard Big Money by his side; BJ gave us a personal tour of the Motel. We saw rooms filled with bikini babes making it rain Bernbux on partygoers (Bernbux is BJ’s personal currency, because you can not really be “doing it big” if you do not have you own currency). There were rooms where champagne of the highest quality was handed out. We even got to speak to BJ’s personal guru, who doled out spiritual advice, which opened our minds to places we only thought could be accessed through the use of powerful hallucinogens.

BBQ Films-Untapped Cities-Weekend at Bernies-NYC-Far Rockaway-Film

The party also paid tribute to BJ’s late father Bernie Lomax. To celebrate his dad’s life, BJ screened a “documentary” of his father’s last days. The “documentary” shown was the 1989 dark comedy Weekend at Bernie’s. We asked BJ if the film was not really a documentary but a re-enactment of his father’s final hours but BJ was partying a little too hard. The man could not even stand by the time screening began. Throughout the night, he was being held up by two of his close friends, seemingly unable to speak or show any signs of life. This didn’t not stop him from dancing with as many women as possible).

BBQ Films-Weekend at Bernies-Film-Bernbux-Untapped Cities-Playland Motel-Far Rockaway-NYC

The respect for BJ’s father’s legacy and memory was apparent in the people who showed up to BJ’s party. Many of them paying tribute to the era where Bernie ran wild by dressing up like it was 1989 all over again. Popped collars, Hawaiian shirts, colored sunglasses–it reminded us all of how terrible style was during the late 80s (and how terrible it is in places like Williamsburg today).

BBQ Films-Weekend at Bernies-BJ Lomax-Untapped Cities-NYC-Far Rockaway

At the end of the screening, the guys at BBQ Films delivered on an epic finale, something we never thought we would ever see in our lifetime. Actor Terry Kiser, Bernie Lomax himself made an appearance to perform the famous “Bernie Dance” (which sparked a popular viral video a few years back) and spoke about the film’s legacy and impact it has had on his own life.

BBQ Films-Untapped Cities-Bernie Dance-Far Rockaway-Weekend at Bernies-NYCTerry Kiser, re-enacing the Bernie Dance

Once again BBQ Films delivers on an immersive and delightful experience that mixes cinema, with live theater. To see how past events have gone down, check out our recaps of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, American Psycho and Back to The Future parties.

BBQ Films-Untapped Cities-Bernbux-Weekend at Bernies-Film-Far Rockaway

BBQ Films-Weekend at Bernies-Untapped Cities-NYC-Far Rockaway-Bernbux

BBQ Films-Playland Motel-Untapped Cities-Weekend at Bernies-Far Rockaway

He is still recovering from Friday, but if you want to hit the clubs with a handful of Bernbux, contact the author @TatteredFedora