Salvage Supperclub-Joshua Treuhaft-Dinner Dumpster-Brooklyn-NYC-Andrew Hinderaker-001Photo by Andrew Hinderaker

In the past, an invitation to a supper club would bring thoughts of middle-aged women having a potluck dinner and detailing the neighborhood gossip. But New York City has brought supper clubs to a whole new innovative and quirky level. Here, we’ve rounded up 6 of the most unique secret supper clubs, rated more for their usage of clever covert locations than on the exclusivity of an invitation. These range from dinners in reclaimed dumpsters, to private homes to helipads.

1. Pith

Pith-Supper Club-Jonah-Columbia University-NYC

Pith is the secret supper club started by Columbia University senior Jonah Reider. When you meet Jonah, you will understand quickly that Pith is unlike other supper clubs in New York City. For one, this is not about profit at all. For $15 a person, you get a five to eight course meal with wine pairings – with level of produce quality and cuisine creativity we’ve found in only some of the city’s most cutting edge restaurants.

Produced four days a week, each dinner was for just four people at a time, which explains the 4,000 person waitlist – after all, Jonah was also ostensibly writing his thesis this semester. Driving it all, as Jonah explained during our dinner, was a curiosity to meet interesting people and explore his culinary passion. He never repeated a dish twice, always evolving and testing new things.

Although he has been evicted from the dorm, Pith continues in a pop-up form at a Tribeca gallery in May 2016, and Jonah plans to find a new home for it in summer 2016.