15. Payne Whitney House, 972 Fifth Avenue

This beautiful Stanford White building between 78th and 79th Streets was designed for Payne Whitney and his wife Helene Hay Whitney as a wedding present from his uncle, Colonel Oliver Hazard Payne. The domed entrance hall and main staircase were installed by the Guastavino firm and the Marble Room, Reception Room and Venetian Room are truly a sight to behold. Today, it’s the Cultural Services of the French Embassy which holds events and has a beautiful bookstore, Albertine, allowing anyone to glimpse its interiors. It also features frequently in television shows like Law and Order and The Blacklist.

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4 thoughts on “17 Gilded Age Mansions of Millionaire Row on NYC’s 5th Avenue

  1. It breaks my heart to see these divine buildings torn down – what a terrible waste!

  2. Although perhaps maybe not technically “gilded age” since it was completed in 1911, I think the William A. Clark mansion should definitely be on this list.

    1. I agree!! I was waiting for this mansion to show up in this article and was disappointed

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