This could be the reason so many parts of the world hate us. We do not mean to spoil the party, but for the second year in a row, we are left flabbergasted by the amount of attention Sharknado gets both in online and social media. Sure we can all agree that Sharknado 2: The Second One is not a good movie, because that’s the point. Besides being bad, this movie is just boring. But because we love you guys so much, we took one for the team and we paid enough attention to give you the NYC film locations used for the Syfy original movie Sharknado 2: The Second One.

 1. Times Square

We thought we were prepared, but after the prologue on an airplane heading to JFK International Airport, we realized that nothing could truly prepare us for this crap. Once the opening credits end, we are taken to Times Square where we met the newer characters to the Sharknado franchise. The film already commits a horrible sin by having Mark McGarth in this movie and reminding us that Sugar Ray was once a thing.

Times Square is considered by some the heart of NYC. Sure, the only news that comes out of Times Square today is the battle between Elmo, Cookie Monster and the NYPD, but there is still something magical about being in Times Square (especially in the rare moment it is not supremely crowded).

Sure, you have probably been to Times Square a million times over and think you know everything about the place. Well, we have 10 Secrets about Times Square that you might not know about.

2. The Staten Island Ferry

For a split second we get to see the glorious entrance to the Staten Island Ferry, where McGarth’s wife and daughter go on a ferry ride. The movie is about 30 minutes in and we were busy looking at our phones, discussing the new Interstellar trailer and other things not relating to this film.

The Staten Island Ferry has been featured in other productions, like a much more entertaining and funny show, the surreal and awesome show Louie on FX. And just last week we caught the ferry taking a trip up the Hudson River.

3. Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Located on Liberty Island, the Statue was the first thing many immigrants saw on their first journey to the new world. Designed by French sculptor Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the neoclassical statue has been featured in countless movies, but none better than its supporting role in Ghostbusters 2 and as the setting for the intro to the G.I Joe animated movie (which is 100x more entertaining that this).

To learn about the history of the statue, we have photos of its construction and a scoop on who the face of the Statue is modeled after.

4. Citi Field

The first shark attacks occur during a Mets game in Citi Field. This confused us in the Untapped office because we thought the sharks were suppose to be the bad guys here, but they end up saving the Mets fans in the stadium time by getting them away from what we were sure was mediocre Mets baseball.

That other baseball team in New York also has some surprising fun facts, like how there used to be a Yankees football team that played in the stadium.

5. The Empire State Building

The Empire State building has been attacked by the likes of King Kong and has been the dock for airships in the past (okay that’s not really true). However nothing could prepare this historic building for not one, bur two Sharknados! How will this symbol of NYC survive such devastation and mediocre special effects?

It was at this point of the movie that we really stopped caring and were talking among ourselves. Not even the large amount of alcohol and curly fries could get us to enjoy what is essentially a fad that people need to just let die. We shudder to think that there will be yet another Sharknado film, however, we are thankful that it will not be in NYC.

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