If you’re looking to expand your agricultural horizons, you might want to start looking up. Rooftop farms are more than simply a creative solution to local farming in otherwise inhospitable environments, they have become the cornerstone of an increasingly prominent wave of urban agriculture. With ground space a premium in North America’s densest metropolis, New York has positioned itself as a ripe hotbed for the implementation of such developments. Below, we showcase seven of the more notable institutions in the area, with several more to develop in the years to come.

1. Brooklyn Grange


Leading the pack in terms of acreage (2.5) and gross production (50,000 pounds of vegetables per year), the Brooklyn Grange operates a network of rooftops farms, their first opening in Long Island City in 2010. Founded through a CSA, this for-profit organization specializes in selling to local businesses and spurring community economic growth. Their Brooklyn Navy Yard location has begun offering increased public access, with school programs, sunrise yoga, and even weddings that they personally cater. They also operate the city’s largest apiary, with 30 beehives currently in operation.

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