Caputo's Bake Shop-Court Street-Carroll Gardens-Brooklyn-NYC

In a city with so many wonderful bakeries, we thought it might be fun to explore some of the oldest, especially while we’re in the midst of National “Eat Dessert First” Month in August. All of these bakeries date from 1892 to 1904, located in Little Italy, East Village, Yorkville and Carroll Gardens.

1. Ferrara Bakery & Cafe, Little Italy (1892)

Ferrara Bakery

Ferrara Bakery & Cafe was founded in 1892 by Antonio Ferrara as a place where he and his friends might go after the opera to share a coffee and play their favorite card game.  After his death, his nephew Pietro Lepore continued the business along with his wife.

Today, Ferrara’s is still a family owned bakery now in their fifth generation and still at the same location–195 Grand Street–a true destination in the heart of Little Italy.