3. Glaser’s Bake Shop, Yorkville (1902)

Glaser today

Heading up to Yorkville, you’ll find Glaser’s Bake Shopan old-time German bakery originally opened by Bavarian immigrants John and Justine Glaser in 1902 in an area of the City known as Germantown.  The exterior and interior of the building they own has changed very little over the years.   They’ve maintained the tin ceiling, tile floor and the beautiful wooden display shelves. And like Ferrara’s and Venieros’s, Glaser’s Bake Shop is still owned and operated by the Glaser family, now in the third and fourth generations.  Manhattanites who grew up in Yorkville remember well those famous  Black and White cookies from Glaser’s, said to be an original recipe – and their apple turnovers and Gingerbread during the Christmas Holidays.

Those who grew up in Yorkville aren’t the only ones who remember the good old Black and White cookie.  It is said that the cashier at Glaser’s keeps an extra box of them next to the register for that last minute impulse buyer. Be sure to look for John Glaser’s name spelled out in tiles on the original floor.