J’adore Paris from Paul Richardson on Vimeo.

Who doesn’t love a timelapse film? And of Paris, no less! Following up our previous features on Paris timelapse videos from the great Luke Shepard, we present Paul Richardson’s pretty epic video of Paris. Based in Manchester, England, this was Paul’s first visit to Paris and it’s clear it made an inspiring impact on him. Over the course of three weeks, Canon 6D  camera and home built dolly in hand, he traversed the city. He writes, “My aim was to capture the classic sights; ornate buildings and typical Parisian activities, and contrast that to the modern business side, towering glass clad skyscrapers and fast paced life.”

The theme is apparent in the opening scene, with the Eiffel Tower in the background and the skyscrapers of the 15th arrondissement. He moves on to the bouquinistes, the booksellers along the Seine River near Notre Dame and the iconic Shakespeare & Co. bookstore and into the Gallerie Vivienne, one of the famous indoor passages of Paris. The familiar sights of Pont Alexander III bridge near the Invalides, Moulin Rouge in Montmartre, Trocadero, Concorde, Madeleine, and the Jardin du Luxembourg.

We love the sense of movement, giving Paris a sense of urgency–not something the city is necessarily known for. The feet pedal fast on the Velib, in a shot close to the ground. A baguette is hurried home in the basket of the bike. People move so fast they are barely seen on the bridge Bir Hakeim, where Inception was filmed. Then there’s a crazy, trippy scene down the Champs-Elysees, culminating at the Arc de Triomphe.

Then logically, geographically, we move towards the great arch at La Defense, the business district home to 17 of the 20 tallest buildings in Paris. Just in case this video wasn’t dramatic enough, it concludes with a thunderstorm.

See more timelapse videos here and on Paul’s website.