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Instagram, the ubiquitous photo social media app you keep telling your spouse to stop checking because you finished checking it first, has become one of the greatest ways for us creative types in NYC to express ourselves. Food, coffee, street art, concerts, selfies, family photos, purchases, engagement announcements, vacation photos, more selfies, we just can not stop taking pictures of everything we do, say, and eat and putting it on Instagram. As much as we love Instagram and are thankful for its existence, boy do we hate Instagram.

We hate the constant stream of selfies, food, coffee, engagements, etc.  As much as you love your friends, you get tired of seeing them put the same stupid “Kermit drinking tea” meme on every other photo. You want to follow more creative, interesting and talented people. Well, we have five people for you to follow on Instagram (no, we’re not on this list but you should check out our account anyway). 

1) @Underground_NYC

Instagram-Underground_NYC-Models-Lists-MTA-Untapped CitiesBallet Dancer @lilyleila123 (by Underground_NYC)

The New York City subway is one of the best in the world. It is also one of the most frustrating. Delays, the smell, the hopes that the giant rat down the platform does not run toward you. These are all things we constantly hate about the MTA. There is a shining light however, besides the cheap fare (compared to other states in the country) on any given trip to parts of the city, you may find yourself sitting next to the man/girl of your dreams.

Underground NYC‘s series of portraits resemble to us what it is like to see one of those people underground. The fantasies that run through our minds when we see that person resembles those we see in romantic comedies. We gaze over and for some reason, no matter what time of day it is, it seems as if they are the only people on the station. We never talk to them, for fear of shattering the fantasy. We just gaze ever so often to give us a visual reminder of the person until either we, or he/she leaves at our stop. We think there will never be another person like that again, until the next time we enter a station and see someone else who gives us a new fantasy to explore.

2) @Gothamr

Instagram-Gothamr-Untapped Cities-NYC-Lists-001Gotham City (Gothamr via Instagram)

This photo reminds us of the Batman TAS 90s cartoon intro and like the Caped Crusader himself, no one knows who Gothamr is. He could be one of our staffers or interns sitting among us knowing we are writing about him. Gothamr could also be one of the many women the Untapped interns fail miserably to pick up during our bar crawls throughout Alphabet City. Gothamr could be some trust fund baby living in the Village or an old Spanish man in the Bronx with nothing to do but venture into every bridge, tunnel and abandoned building in NYC.

Whoever Gothamr is (alien or ghostly spirit perhaps?) we look forward to seeing whatever that person captures on Instagram. For Gothamr is unafraid (or just plain crazy) to show us the Gotham City we don’t normally get to see or just are too afraid of getting arrested/killed to see.

3) @SakiWaki

Instagram-SakiWaki-Untapped Cities-Photography-ListsFrost (SakiWaki via Instagram)

SakiWaki‘s Instagram feed focuses on life in NYC, not just anyone’s life, her life. Saki’s life is filled with art, food, friends, music, and cute dogs. This could be said about anyone, but it is the way Saki captures her life on camera that makes it unique. Her composition, lighting, framing and just spur of the moment creativity makes her Instgram feeds one of the most charming and interesting ones to come across.

Accepting of trends, but never allowing her work to be consumed by them; Saki’s photography is both personal and imaginative, like a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film come to life. While the same themes may come up in her photography, she is diverse enough that there is not a category she can truly be placed in. When the next photo of hers appears on your iPhone screen, you will not just double tap and move on, you will really look at it, not as if you are looking at a screen, but as if you were the person in front or behind the camera, witnessing it first hand.

4) @ABrooklynSoul

Instagram-ABrooklynSoul-Untapped Cities-Brooklyn-Lists-NYCABrooklynSoul via Instagram

A lot of change has come to Brooklyn over the past ten years. Booms in population and businesses have changed Brooklyn. Whether that change is for better or worse changes with each person you ask.

A Brooklyn Soul shows Brooklyn, every part of it. The abandoned, the populated, the buildings, the homes, the events, just everything. Darius Alonzo is a 22-year-old Brooklyn man, whose photographs are beautiful as they are gritty. These are not the minimalist coffee shop photos you will see, but those that show the Brooklyn of today, far from the extremes on both sides of the gentrification war.

5) @JamesMPeterson

Instagram-JamesMPeterson-Untapped Cities-NYC-Photgraphy-ListsIce Cream (JamesMPeterson via Instagram)

Something about black and white photography, reminds us so much of old New York. Whether it is through photography or cinema, black and white photography can still be striking, and it is a testament to its legacy that the form still thrives on Instagram.

James M Peterson specializes in black and white photography, and while color does make a rare appearance in his feed, the stark whites and deep blacks just make NYC still have that classic look and feel even with change coming from every borough

To see more interesting Instagram photos, make sure you check up on our weekly Untapped Cities Weekly Photo Pool, where we pick the best photos of the week submitted through the hashtag #untappedcities.

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