You’ve seen the signs, “Curb your dog,” but still it’s hard to imagine that New York City is still better than Paris in cleaning up after pups. Meanwhile, Some of us at Untapped Cities are still reeling from seeing the huge pile of poop we came across while trespassing in the Amtrak  Freedom Tunnel under Riverside Park…For all this and more, here’s a map from DNAInfo showing poop violations by neighborhood based on 311 calls in the last two years.

Particularly awesome is the response from Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz Jr:

“We have urged the Department of Sanitation to increase enforcement in The Bronx, and it’s clear that those efforts are making an impact,” he said. “Dog waste is disgusting and the people who do not pick up after their dogs are just as disgusting.”

Despite the strong rhetoric, Brooklyn is not quite as bad as the Bronx in terms of violations.

In total, the Bronx had 252 violations, Queens had 68 violations, Brooklyn 63, Manhattan 27, and Staten Island with 3. According to DNAInfo, “Three of the Bronx’s neighborhoods — Norwood, West Farms and Soundview — led the pack in complaints to the city’s 311 system with 135 or more.”

You’ll also notice that Central Park doesn’t get mapped in 311 complaints but we bet it’s quite a repository of poop too. Read on at DNAInfo for an interactive map. And if you didn’t get read about poop enough here, check out our article on Modern Toilet, a poop themed restaurant in Taipei.

See more maps in our Fun Maps Column. To find out what the author ordered at Modern Toilet, contact her @untappedmich.

h/t Curbed NY