The phenomenon of craft beer continues to sweep NYC, as more and more local breweries release bolder, richer, and more flavorful brews. Beer has become more than just a part of a meal, and drinkers have shown an increasing interest in who is making their brews and how. Breweries have become the houses of entertainment in ways similar to the bars they have distributed their products to, attracting people from all around. To help you with your brewery hop, we’re listing 12 of the craft breweries in New York City (with help from our readers!), with the hopes that you’ll be smart enough to take the subway or walk between them when hopping from one to the other. Special thanks to beer connoisseurs and Untapped readers Conrad Lumm and Mike Miles for assisting with this piece.

1. Finback Brewery

We received a lot of tweets and comments about Finback Brewery in Ridgewood, Queens–this place certainly has its fans. The brewery has an expansive evergreen offering with awesome names like Coasted Toconut and Plum & Proper, along with seasonal beers. If you’re looking for more unique flavors, this is the place for you–with sour beers and others flavored with the likes of jalapeno, coconuts and plum. But there are also more easy drinking options, like the Fort Tildenist brew. According to Miles, “En Verano and Plumb & Proper are two of the most unique brews I’ve ever had. And they’re excellent” There’s even free popcorn to seal the deal, along with tours.

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10 thoughts on “Top 10 Microbreweries in NYC: Bronx Brewery, Bridge and Tunnel Brewery, Chelsea Brewing Company

  1. Hi, could you tell me: how many breweries is NOW (generally) in New York City? I bet someone counted…Doing my research but I can only find “top” short lists , thanks, greetings from Prague, cheers!!!

  2. Kinda ridiculous that Other Half isn’t on the list considering it’s probably the best brewery within the five boroughs right now. How do you miss that one and Finback but lead the list with ACB?

      1. If I got 1 day in NYC, which breweries should I hit on a Saturday? Coming from the great craft brewing state of NC so I want to have my proverbial socks blown off. Thanx!!!!

    1. Ben – I dunno… The guy from Chelsea is now brewing up in The Bronx at Gun Hill Brewery… That might be a close fight.. Someone should organize a competition.

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