We are sure that if the people of Westeros had a railing system instead of having to travel by foot, or by horse, we would not have had to endure two seasons of Bran Stark and Hodor eating up precious screen time when we rather be seeing whatever The Hound, Arya or Daenerys was up to.

Inspired by the workings of Cameron Booth, graphic designer Michael Tyznik has created a subway map of Westeros, the fictional land where the extremely popular book and HBO television series Game of Thrones takes place.

Originally posted on Fast Company, the map has the look and style of the London subway map. Different color lines are made to represent each of the Seven Kingdoms, with all lines terminating at King’s Landing. If you look closely, you can catch all kinds of little details about certain parts of the world. There are even thin blue lines to represent the waterways and ferries of Pyke and other kingdoms. Some lines are closed or discontinued, like modern day systems with abandoned stations and lines. In the Game of Thrones world, that means everyone wanting to get their hands on some Valyrian steel is still out of luck.

Below are more close up photos of the map, including an extended one that features Essos, where Daneyrus is still taking her sweet time with those dragons.

Prints of the maps can be purchased HERE.

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