5pointz-secret punk show-graffiti-street art-lic-nycFilthy Savage play a secret show inside of 5Pointz, were demolition is currently underway. Image via Sixdust

As we should all know by now, not only has the historic 5Pointz been whitewashed in preparation for demolition, but demolition has already recently begun. But that didn’t stop a group of fearless individuals from throwing a secret punk show inside of the artistic landmark this past weekend, and we have the pictures and videos to prove it.

Sixdust, a video documentarian of New York’s underground music scene, uploaded concert footage (which can be seen here) on September 2nd of Brooklyn punk band Filthy Savage performing a “secret show at a demolition site.” The site depicted in the video, in addition to the buildings visible from outside, looked uncannily like the interior of the famed graffiti building. After inquiring about the whereabouts of the footage, Sixdust confirmed that it was indeed 5Pointz and was kind enough to send us some additional photographs from the event. You can check out these exclusive photographs below. (Faces were blurred to protect the identities of the individuals involved).

5pointz-secret punk show-lic-nyc-graffiti-street art

lic-5pointz-graffiti-street art-secret punk show

5pointz-lic-nyc-street art-graffiti-six dust

5pointz-lic-nyc-graffiti-secret punk show

5pointz-lic-graffiti-street art-nyc-secret show

lic-graffiti-5pointz-street art-secret show-nyc

5pointz-graffiti-lic-nyc-street art-secret show

graffiti-nyc-5pointz-lic-street art-punk show

5pointz-lic-nyc-street art-graffiti-punk show

5pointz-nyc-lic-graffiti-punk show-street art

Here’s the original footage of Filthy Savage playing at 5Pointz, which can also be found here at Sixdust’s awesome Youtube channel:

Although there is nothing that can be done now that the demolition of 5Pointz is currently underway, New York City’s street artists show no sign of slowing down. Just last month, 70+ artists were featured in a cool four story street art show in a former Gramercy police station. But unless street art becomes legalized as a legitimate form of art like it did in Brazil in 2009, street artists may continue to look for similarly alternative avenues in which to purvey their craft.

To find out more about secret art happenings around NYC, contact the author @DouglasCapraro

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