Paris-Metro Burger-Fat Map-Fun Maps-Untapped CitiesThe Paris Metro Burger Fat Map (Photo via Fast and Food)

This is a map for the J. Wellington Wimpy in your group. It’s well-known that Paris has gotten deep into a Brooklyn obsession, offering up hip joints for gourmet coffee, lobster rolls, Brooklyn Brewery, and many things American.

In this  collaboration with Fast and Food, FraisFrais and Thrillist (who have produced a similar maps for bars in NYC), life has become so much easier for the burger lovers of France, as well as burger obsessed tourists to find burger joints on each of the 14 lines that make up the Paris metro. And we’re not talking about McDonalds and Quick. Continue on for a more detailed look at this map.

Paris-Paris Metro-Untapped Cities-Burger Map-Fun Maps.png (960×672) - Google Chrome 972014 83457 PMParis Metro Burger Map Detail (Photo via FraisFrais)

Some spots to check out on your visit include Le Camion Qui Fume, one of the first food trucks in Paris, California Cantine and Wanderlust. For 14 other places to find American in Paris, check out our list here.

Back to NYC, here are the best coffee shops by subway station in NYC and our entire column on Fun Maps. And sure, bar maps are fun for the heavy drinkers in our group, but a burger map is much needed in NYC. While we’re at it, we could also use an ice cream map, one for donuts and one for pizza as well.

He would gladly pay you back Tuesday for a burger today so contact the author @TatteredFedora 

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