Mr. Brainwash-Century 21-We Love New York-Street Art-9:11-World Trade Center-NYC

One block away from 1 WTC, LA artist Mr. Brainwash is currently placing a new mural on the side of the Century 21 department store on the corner of 22 Cortlandt Street. The mural pays tribute to the many we lost almost 13 years ago tomorrow, in one of the darkest days in American history. Brainwash’s mural features a firefighter blasting a giant black heart onto the wall of a black and white aerial view of NYC. The words “WE LOVE NEW YORK”  in blue are to the left of the firefighter; the word “Forever” is sprayed in pink, and two gentlemen are to the far right of the mural, supposedly gazing at the giant black heart.

The artist (famous for his role in Banksy’s Academy Award nominated documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop) is a polarizing and controversial figure in the street art world. Following an Untapped reader tip by Kenny Apple (who also submitted the in progress photograph), we also received the official press release indicating that this is a partnership between Century 21 and the artist. In true Mr. Brainwash form, there’s a PR machine behind it all. The piece, made with good intentions may not win Mr. Brainwash any new converts in the street art world, but we still respect the admiration the artist has for NYC. Here’s the official line from the press release:

“When Mr. Brainwash came to us with this idea we were honored. We are such big fans of his work and loved the idea of showing our support and dedication for the Downtown community and NYC’s bravest and finest right on our building. His piece exemplifies a tribute to the resiliency of New York City and all Americans after 9/11.” – Isaac Gindi, Century 21 Department Store co-owner and Executive Vice President.

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