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In honor of 9/11, we’ve pulled together some of the most iconic and powerful images from the tragic event thirteen years ago that are available at Getty Images and the Library of Congress. If you’re in New York City today, there are many places where you can pay your respects, including these ten locations that won’t have you on lines at the World Trade Center site. Editor note: We’ve consciously not included the images of the “Falling Man” or other victims out of respect though they have come to be some of the most iconic images from the event.

powerful-image-911-nyc-untapped-5Image via Library of Congress

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powerful-14 Image via Library of Congress

powerful-image-911-nyc-untapped-7Image by Ernesto Mora

powerful-16 Image via Library of Congress

powerful-image-911-nyc-untapped-4Image via Library of Congress

World Trade Center-Attack-9:11-NYC-Library of CongressImage via Library of Congress

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  1. Old Skool Reply

    Thank you for airbrushing history by not including “falling man”. Like it or not he is part of history and leaving him out distorts the view of the history of this day.

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