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Will Nunziata’s recent judgmental map of Williamsburg is the latest attempt at breaking down NYC’s neighborhoods into as many generalizations as possible while offending/making us laugh. We covered a city-wide judgmental map a few months ago and a Manhattan version before that, but what makes Nunziata’s latest work so memorable is its glorious, block-by-block level detail. No corner of the neighborhood is spared from his hilarious set of labels. Even an “odd smell” at the corner of Humboldt and Skillman Avenue is pointed out (although one commenter insists the smell is in fact at Humboldt and Conselyea).

While clearly intended mostly for humor, the map also identifies some of the social changes rippling through Williamsburg. The rapid gentrification of once Latino-dominated southwest Williamsburg, even in advance of the Domino redevelopment, and the class difference between the north and south sections of the neighborhood are super evident. Some labels may leave you scratching your head (“No Ladies on Bikes”?) but for the most part it’s a pretty accurate portrayal of the neighborhood.

A few of our other favorite spots: Mob Bakery (so true!), “Steak” near Peter Luger’s, Dead Bands near Devoe Street, “Craigslist Bedford Apartments” near Montrose Avenue subway stop, hipster Mario Bros (remember the Mario Bros Bushwick map?). The other good news, looks like Will has upgraded to Google Maps from Mapquest.

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