NYC-Camouflage-Trina-Merry-bodypaint-series-UntappedCities-Central Park-001  Central Park, image via Trina Merry

Trina Merry, a painter and photographer from New York, just released a striking series of photographs that feature female subjects painted and positioned to camouflage seamlessly into iconic New York City backdrops. As featured on Refinery 29the artist has the following motive in “New York City Camouflage”:

“My series is an homage, and a challenge, to Big Apple women who feel the need to blend in with everyone else in Gotham. I think many women move here hoping to live ‘Sex and the City’ lives when the reality is most women have to ditch their fancy designer heels on the subway for more practical sneakers.”

NYC-Camouflage-Trina-Merry-bodypaint-series-UntappedCities-NYC SkylineNYC Skyline from Brooklyn, image via Trina Merry

The models in the photos are of different facial and body types, but they share one thing in common: they wear sneakers. The pictures seem to contradict the traditional concept of a female model who wears the finest heels and fits a certain bodily standard. The figures aim to represent the diverse and hard-working community of women who walk and work on the streets of New York City.

Manhattan-Bridge-Trina-Merry-Bodypaint-Artist-Untapped CitiesManhattan Skyline, image via Trina Merry

NYC-Camouflage-Trina-Merry-bodypaint-series-UntappedCities-New York Public LibraryThe New York Public Library, image via Trina Merry

St.MarksPlace-camouflage-Trina-merry-UntappedCitiesSt. Marks Place, image via Trina Merry


NYC-Camouflage-Trina-Merry-bodypaint-series-UntappedCities-Flatiron Building

One thing is certain: the painstaking and exceptional painting skills it takes to carry out work of this caliber.

Coney Island-Bodypaint-Trina-Merry-Untapped CitiesConey Island, image via Trina Merry

Learn more about Trina Merry and her work on her website and Facebook page. You can keep up with the latest in the New York City art scene by following our coverage of the NYC arts and culture scene. Check out our latest piece Apps Transform the NYC Subway Advertisements into Street Art

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 Trina Merry

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