4. 747 Third Avenue


When passing through the doors at747 Third Avenue, take a peek to your right and you’ll see a life-size, revolving statue of a naked woman. In signature Kaufman style, the piece itself isn’t as important as the element of surprise evoked.

Many original designs were removed during subsequent renovations of this building however. The current pathway once used bricks that encouraged people to “follow the yellow (and red) brick road.” Once again, Kaufman encouraged public use, with a wooden bench like those found on front porches. These were later replaced along with the red brick road. According to our chat with the security guards, people kept falling on the bricks and injuring themselves and suing the building.

However, two features remain: a giraffe munching away and a horse-drawn carriage. These images also have changed over time so it’s always worth a look to see what’s presently there: