Surprised that’s paper? We were too when we checked out artist Christina Lihan’s free exhibit “Constructions” at the Citigroup Center at 53rd Street and Lexington Avenue in New York City. Lihan, of Lihan Studio, creates replicas of famous buildings, bridges, and cityscapes by hand-cutting paper. She doesn’t paint them, but uses the thickness of watercolor paper to make these 3-dimensional. Lihan patiently cuts, folds, and forms every detail of a building to create these scenes that put architecture in a new light.


We are able to famous see landmarks through her eyes, giving us a new perspective on a building or bridge we thought we already knew. According to Lihan “my aim is to show architecture as art,” but she also recognizes that her architectural training at University of Virginia and then her masters in architecture from Columbia University are what make her art possible.



Having extensively traveled, Lihan has seen places such as Angkor Wat and was fascinated by the ancient city of Petra. In the future, she hopes to continue to explore the relationship between architecture and nature. The exhibit is on display through October 30th.

The CitiGroup Center atrium is also one of our list of Top 10 Indoor Public Spaces in Manhattan for Your Very Own Urban Oasis.

You can see more of Lihan’s work on her website or at InteriorDesignPhotos.