Image via Steve Wheeen

East Londoner Steve Wheen is on a mission to transform the potholes in his neighborhood into miniature works of art. Wheen fills in the cracks with flowers, places miniature furniture next to the plantings, photographs the newly created scene, and posts the photos to his website. His creations are tiny and could easily go unnoticed by a passerby, yet they have quickly inspired people around the world to imitate his guerrilla gardening technique.

Image via Steve Wheen

The project serves multiple purposes. It’s an act of artistic expression, but also offers a simple way to beautify a neighborhood’s streets and draw attention to some of the crumbling infrastructure that poses a safety hazard. Also, it addresses a problem that communities everywhere must deal with, which explains why the idea has spread to so many places, from Germany to Hong Kong to Australia.

Image via Steve Wheen

In 2012 Wheen published The Little Book of Little Gardens, a photographic collection of his work. He invites any one to send a picture of their own pothole garden to, and in return you may receive a free copy of his book.

 Steve Wheen

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