6. Waldo Hutchins Bench, East 72nd Street and 5th Avenue Entrance, Central Park

Central-Park-Reservoir-Waldo-Hutchins-Bench-Sundial-NYC-Untapped Cities

While Central Park has no shortage of benches, the Waldo Hutchins bench stands out as one of the most elaborate. Named after public servant Waldo Hutchins, the bench with the sundial at the center, honors a man who helped create Central Park, promoted the idea of personal fulfillment through public service and the broader need to preserve and protect important pieces of New York City’s history.

The small sundial, which sits at the back of the bench includes a bronze female figure attributed to Paul Manship, sculptor of the ”Prometheus” at Rockefeller Center. Another Latin inscription is on the sundial: ”Ne Diruatur Fuga Temporum,” or ”Let it not be destroyed by the passage of time.’’ You can find the bench immediately to the north of the East 72nd street entrance and south-east of the reservoir.

Central-Park-NYC-Bench-Sundial-Closeup-Untapped CIties-Nasha Virata