7. The Armillary Sphere, Clara Coffey Park, Sutton Place

The Armillary Sphere, built of bronze, is just one of Sutton Place’s iconic and memorable structures. The band on the exterior of the sphere is a version of the equator with golden zodiac signs stamped on it. Inside the ban are the hours in roman numerals. Briefly removed in 2000 after a graffiti incident, the dial was refurbished and placed in another vest park of Sutton Place.

Sutton-Place-Armillary-Sphere-Midtown-NYC-Untapped Cities-Nasha Virata

This astronomical model is attributed to the same designers of the Waldo Hutchins Bench and is in one of five of Sutton Place’s “vest” triangle parks.

Sutton-Place-Sundial-Clara-Coffey-Park-Close-Zoom-Midtown-East-NYC-Untapped Cities-Nasha Virata

While there, take a look at one of the city’s most unique benches along with a replica of a 17th century wild boar.