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The iconic Villa Savoye in Poissy, a surburb of Paris, is an epitome of architect Le Corbusier’s design theories, including the Five Points of Architecture. It’s a requisite pilgrimage for architecture students and enthusiasts, where visitors can see where many Modernist architectural maxims of today were realized, from the piloti that raised the building, to ribbon windows, open plan interiors, and roof terraces.

Belgian artist Xavier Delory has embarked on a “Pilgrimage of Modernity,” a quirky tribute of the monuments of the modern movement, he writes. To that end, via Photoshop he’s plastered the walls of the Villa Savoye with graffiti.

Xavier Delory-Villa Savoye-Graffiti-Pilgrimage of Modernity-Poissy-France-2

Seen on Architizer and Design Boom, commenters on the site rightly pointed out that this is not the first time the Villa Savoye has been shown as abandoned. In fact, it had been used as a cow shed with hay barn on the upper floors. Others wrote that the immaculate grass gives away the photoshopped nature, but we think it makes the images look like a real street art exhibit that could be done there. After all, if JR can plaster the Pantheon in Paris, why can’t the Villa Savoye get similar temporary treatment?

Xavier Delory-Villa Savoye-Graffiti-Pilgrimage of Modernity-Poissy-France-3

Xavier Delory-Villa Savoye-Graffiti-Pilgrimage of Modernity-Poissy-France-4

Xavier Delory-Villa Savoye-Graffiti-Pilgrimage of Modernity-Poissy-France-5

For an inside look at the Villa Savoye, as it is now, take a look at our article here.

 Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye

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