Rooftop-Dancers-in-Paris-by-JR-Palsis Garnier-Inside Out-Untapped Cities

In the three years after he called for a “participatory art project” at a TED conference in Long Beach, California, French street artist JR and his Inside Out Project has become one of the most ambitious and appealing art projects in the world. Since 2011, the art project has expanded from the streets and villages acrossthe globe, to installations in places like our own Lincoln Center, Times SquareEllis Island and the Paris Pantheon.

One aspect of the Inside Out Project that JR has picked up during his many travels is the photography of ballet dancers. Inspired by his time at Lincoln Center photographing the NYCB, Jr has once again photographed ballet dancers, this time on the roof of the famous Palais Garnier, one of the homes of the Paris opera.

The photo-shoot for the French magazine Madame Figaro features 40 dancers, over 180 feet above ground. The dancers, braving low temperatures are dressed in the polka dot leotards first featured in the the collaborative ballet made by Jr, the NYCB and famous musical producer Woodkid titled Les BosquetsThe direction of the dancers by JR is magnificent. The poses, the angles, it is enough to make us wonder if JR has been spending his very limited free time watching the classic musicals of Bubsy Berkley.

Rooftop-Dancers-in-Paris-by-JR-Palais Garnier-Street Art-Art-Untapped Cities-001


Rooftop-Dancers-in-Paris-by-JR-Palais Garnier-Street Art-Art-Untapped Cities-002

Rooftop-Dancers-in-Paris-by-JR-Palais Garnier-Street Art-Art-Untapped Cities

Rooftop-Dancers-in-Paris-by-JR-Untapped Cities-Street Art-Art-Ballet

Rooftop-Dancers-in-Paris-by-JR-Palais Garnier-Street Art-Art-Untapped Cities-004

For more on JR you can check out our JR archive. To learn more about the Palais Garnier, check out our Palais Garnier Through The Years. All photos courtesy of JR and Fubiz 

To take a photoshoot on the roof of his apartment building in the Bronx (watch out for those alarms), contact the author @ChrisLInoa

 JR, Opera Garnier

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