Sir Paul McCarthy once said that “if slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.” Longtime animal rights organization PETA has launched Empty The Cage: a public art project spreading the word on the cruelty to animals in slaughterhouses around the world. First reported on British GQ by Global Street Art editor James Buxton the project commissioned NYC street artist Dan Witz to place his unique brand of street art around London. Which in this case means that chicken feet have been popping up in surprising places all over the city .

Dan Witz has using the environment around him to place public art for the past 36 years. Amazingly, even though he installs his art in broad daylight, he’s never been arrested for his illegal art installations. It may help that he doesn’t use a spray can or fire extinguisher like most street artists tend to use. Instead, Witz uses grates, hammers and nails to put his realistic looking work around New York City and now London. What led Witz to “Empty The Cage,” was “our taste for cheap meat,” and the industry link to various global issues.

There’s even an interactive map to locate all the trapped chickens….


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