The Wondrous Water Towers of NYC-Pop CHart Lab

Pop Chart Lab was founded by a book editor and a graphic designer with a singular goal to “render all human experience in chart form.” From beer, to classic American cars, to contemporary footwear: Patrick Mulligan, Ben Gibson and their team have been tackling all sorts of fun topics near and dear to our hearts. Readers of Untapped Cities will know we’re pretty obsessed with water towers here, highlighting how they work, our 10 favorite unique ones in NYC, their transformation into art projects and secret speakeasies. We were pretty happy to see this wonderful visual summary of New York City’s “Wondrous Watertowers,” a brand new print by Pop Chart Lab.

They’ve included some of our favorites, including Tom Fruin’s Glass Watertower, the red and white striped one in Dumbo, Save the Palestine in Greenpoint, and even the steel ones in Gowanus Houses.

Pop Chart Lab-NYC's Wonderous Watertowers-Print-2

Pop Chart Lab-NYC's Wonderous Watertowers-Print-3 Pop Chart Lab-NYC's Wonderous Watertowers-Print

Get the print here and poke around other group visualizations in our Fun Maps column.