8. Sands Point Preserve and Mansion

Scene in Sands Point PreservePhoto courtesy FOX

New Mayor Galavan’s celebration party is shot in the Sands Point Preserve at Hempstead House, a Gilded Age mansion built by Howard Gould on Long Island in 1912. Penguin (and his look alikes) ascend on this party, which is well-defended by the GCPD (and even better by Galavan’s posse). This popular location has also been featured in Boardwalk Empire.

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6 thoughts on “NYC Film Locations for TV Show Gotham on FOX

  1. Where exactly in Grand Central Terminal was this scene filmed, I am not familiar with this section of the building

    1. This is actually the waiting room – it’s hard to recognize because of the dim, moody lighting. Right now there’s a holiday shopping pop-up there.

  2. In the eight episode of the first season, entitled “The Mask”, Jada Smith’s character can be found in a confessional booth in a church at approx. 17:33 mark. What was the name of the church used for this scene?

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