8. 22nd Avenue, Long Island City

scene in Long Island CityPhoto: Jessica Miglio/FOX

Before the show premiered, we are sure you noticed all of the posters on train stations, buses and taxis. FOX is betting a lot on this show. We understand that. Cable dramas on HBO and AMC have dominated the attention of audiences looking for quality television dramas for years. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon have made strides in creating compelling television where people can watch entire seasons in a week instead of in weekly installments. Even shows like The Knick and Outlander, have made lesser known cable drama channels like Starz and Showtime get into the conversation.

For FOX it is now, more than ever, that they should be trying to reclaim viewers with high quality television. However, we question what is truly going on in there when they show us an episode titled The Balloonman. Can you imagine, in Gotham’s future, Commissioner Gordon and Batman having a discussion on top of GCPD headquarters and Jim just coming out and asking Batman what made him put on the cape and cowl? Only for Batman to disappoint him tremendously by saying (in his most gravely Christian Bale voice) “The Balloonman Jim, it was because of The Balloonman”.

In case you ever are interested in seeing the hideout of The Balloonman, you can head over to 24-22nd Street in Long Island City, which also serves as the Gotham Juvenile Detention Center.