9. 5 Pointz

Street leading up to 5 Pointz

The second episode of the season finds Gordon and Bullock at the scene of a murder. When we first watched the episode, we automatically noticed the graffiti (one of the best reasons to watch the show) around the area and instantly recognized that the crew filmed this scene at 5 Pointz. Once the mecca of graffiti culture in NYC, it is now currently being demolished to make room for luxury condos. The location has also been used recently for secret Punk Rock shows.

Before the demolition and the heinous white washing which took place this year, 5 Pointz was an industrial building (and former meter company) in Long Island City that graffiti and street artists from around the world merged to make one of the most interesting and beautiful buildings in NYC. Since the failed attempt at keeping the graffiti landmark alive, curator Meres One and fellow 5 Pointz artists have continued to make work in galleries and Brooklyn neighborhoods.