11. Lansky Building, Office of Richard Gladwell

Set inside Broadway stages

Several locations in Gotham are filmed on sets, including the Gotham City Police Department headquarters, Gordon’s apartment, and Fish Mooney’s nightclub. The Lansky Building, said in the show to be in Midtown (though the aerial shot shows the Woolworth Building downtown, is filmed in Greenpoint at Broadway Stages. This is where Richard Gladwell, the hit man that has killed targets for the two crime families at war with each other. We had the chance to visit this office set, take a look inside.

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6 thoughts on “NYC Film Locations for TV Show Gotham on FOX

  1. Where exactly in Grand Central Terminal was this scene filmed, I am not familiar with this section of the building

    1. This is actually the waiting room – it’s hard to recognize because of the dim, moody lighting. Right now there’s a holiday shopping pop-up there.

  2. In the eight episode of the first season, entitled “The Mask”, Jada Smith’s character can be found in a confessional booth in a church at approx. 17:33 mark. What was the name of the church used for this scene?

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