You can find McCarthy Square, a small but wonderfully maintained traffic triangle, where 7th Avenue, Charles Street, and Waverly Place intersect in the West Village. Beside a dedication to Joseph McCarthy, killed in World War II and a flagpole from the 1939 World’s Fair in Queens are a series of hand-crafted birdhouses.


The birdhouses are a fun and quirky addition to the green triangle. The little houses peek through the bushes, apparently handmade and painted.


Among them you’ll find this adorable log cabin, a Greek temple, an apartment building, and some more traditional birdhouses.




A small sign assigns this work to Vincent Mele. Although he remains somewhat of a mystery, this “local handyman” has given the birds of the West Village some first class homes.


Vicent Mele’s birdhouses are also featured in our An Afternoon in the West Village guide.

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