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If you happen to be riding the train, or going out to get lunch this weekend and you happen to see Batman and The Joker sharing a sandwich; or Superman and Wonder Woman being a little too friendly don’t worry. New York City hasn’t driven you insane–it’s Comic-Con weekend. NYCC has become the second most popular comics convention behind “THE” con in San Diego. With that reputation, thousands of people from around the country have made the journey to NYC, to meet up with fellow nerds for the love of all things pop culture.

It comes as no surprise to us that in less than a decade since it first started, we are home to the second biggest comics convention in the United States. Comic book and nerd culture is rampant in NYC, with the many comic book readers who reside here visiting their favorite comic shop every Wednesday. With so many comic book shops in the city, which ones really stand out? If you were 2.7 seconds too late to get tickets to Comic-Con this year like so many of us sad nerds, let us help feed your you fulfill your comic book needs with this list of the best comic shops in NYC.

1. Midtown Comics

Midtown Comics is one of the biggest and most popular comic book shops in NYC. It has been since the first location opened in 1997. You want selection? How about 50,000 different titles from all of comic book history. They have Manga, T-Shirts, just about anything a comic book fan could want or need.

The store has been fundamental in showcasing the positive aspects of nerd culture, while helping get rid of the stereotypes many non comic-book fans had toward the culture for decades. More than anything, Midtown respects loyalty, that appreciation comes in the form of a $20 credit for every $100 spent in store. We can not tell you how many Wednesdays we have spent picking up new comics and graphic novels. And how delighted we became when we got that extra 2o bucks to get something else.

In the 17 years since opening in Times Square, Midtown Comics now has stores on Lexington Avenue and the Financial District.

Midtown Comics is located on 200 W. 40th Street, 459 Lexington Avenue & 64 Fulton Street

2. Forbidden Planet

Before there was a Midtown Comics, there was Forbidden Planet. A mainstay in the comic book culture of NYC since the 1980s, Forbidden Planet is known for not only its incredible collection of new and classic comics, but for its extensive line of collectible toys and accessories.

Starting out in London, then expanding to Scotland and, of course, the United States. The comic book shop named after the sci-fi classic of the same name is the perfect place to go to after watching one, of the seemingly endless amount of superhero movies being released every summer. With every new major Marvel or DC film release, the shop located near the Union Square Regal has special events and sales based on the hero of the moment.

Forbidden Planet is located on 832 Broadway