damn kids

My favorite instagram account right now is @fashiongrandpas, which as you might expect documents sightings of dapper elderly gentlemen. It’s refreshing to see older faces applauded for their style when most fashion blogs, not to mention the mainstream fashion world in general, cater to the young. Style isn’t something that stops after a certain age—it shifts and changes as subtly but surely as our personalities and interests do over time, and eventually we’ll all arrive at whatever personal aesthetics were waiting for us all along.



I think this old dude walking his dog on my block is too casual for a spot of honor on Instagram, but I love all of the old-fashioned grandpa details in his outfit. He looks like a caricature of an old man. I’m almost positive he spent no time thinking about this ensemble—the suspenders are probably a daily staple, and with the loose shirt and high-waisted shorts evoke a certain classic goofiness. Essential props include grocery bags, newspaper (in print, not digital!) and belligerent dog stopping to sniff an important tree. I’d be willing to bet that his basic style hasn’t changed since the 1940s, just with different dogs.

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