8. Houses Atop New York City Apartments

There’s enough of these suburban houses built onto New York City apartments that we previously rounded them up. We’re not sure which one’s our favorite, ranging from the Cape Cod-style beach house to the suburban spread, but this ski chalet-like tucked between high-rises on the Upper West Side is particularly lovely.

9. Cabin in a Loft

Ever wanted to get a rustic-feel amidst the urbanity of New York City? Designers Terri Chiao and Adam Fezza built a cabin and treehouse into their live-work space in a former textile factory in Brooklyn, dubbed A Cabin in a Loft. Each space, situated with a view onto the street,  has sleeping quarters and a “garden.” As Chiao writes, “Living in the space can feel like living outdoors, in a small community of two houses.”

9. Mystery on Fifth Avenue

When Wall Street businessman Steven B. Klinsky hired designer Eric Clough from 212box to remodel a Fifth Avenue apartment, little did he know that the apartment would be hidden with clues and riddles. They were built into hidden panels in a custom made credenza, attached to the custom bed, cut into a radiator grille, locked drawers filled with crossword puzzles, magnetic cubes that open up panels and more. The owners didn’t realize they were there, and certainly not the extent of the riddle, until a few months in–so well disguised the puzzle pieces were. The family was tipped off with the arrival of a mysterious letter, allegedly from a previous occupant of the apartment who had died decades before. The architect enlisted many friends to be contribute to this hidden aspect of the apartment–including musicians and author Jonathan Safran Froer, who wrote a narrative book to accompany the puzzle. The story of the apartment was optioned by J.J. Abrams for a possible forthcoming movie.

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This article also partially written by Laura Itzkowitz.