Coming in at number two on the Great Locations to Check Out During 2014 OHNY the Brooklyn Army Terminal (BAT), has been well covered historically on Untapped Cities, including a series on its myths. During a trip this prompted us to explore a little bit further. What we found while exploring the grounds was a rock solid ping-pong table at the north-west corner of Building B. This recent addition to the  to the property fits right in due to its cement construction and industrial metal net with a custom BAT cut-out. Just as the rest of the terminal is, this table is built to stand the test time.


While it may seem like all the fun is outside, just off the lobby is a set of elevators which lead to small foyers for some of the companies in the building. So a brief ride up to the eighth floor provided a great new perspective I have not seen photographed before. So with the upcoming Untapped Cities tour of the BAT on Sunday, October 26th at 2pm be sure to bring some ping-pong paddles and sneakers to get your Forrest Gump on and go explore.





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