Woolworth Tower Residences - 31A terrace.jpgImage courtesy of https://thewoolworthtower.com/

The Woolworth Building has been in the news a lot recently, with the renderings revealed for the new condominiums that are going in, starting at $3.875 million and going up to $110 million for the 7-level penthouse. With our next one-hour tour of the off-limits Woolworth Building coming up on Saturday, November 8th (just a few tickets left!), we thought we would share with you what some lucky residents will get in the upcoming years. And if you can’t make November 8th, the last tour we’ll do this year will be on December 4th.

VIP Tour of the Woolworth Building

Woolworth Building Condominium View-Terrace-NYCA terrace on the 31st floor of the renovated Woolworth Tower. Image courtesy of https://thewoolworthtower.com/

The pool in the basement of the Woolworth Building will be completely renovated, and if you want to see what sorry state it’s in now, see the photos we took of the boarded up, crumbling pool recently here.

Woolworth Tower Residences pool.jpgImage courtesy of https://thewoolworthtower.com/

The lobby for the condos feature a coffered ceiling that was original in one of Woolworth’s private office. We previously visited one of them and indeed, though it still has the marble walls and wooden doors, the ceiling is conspicuously plain.

Woolworth Building Condominium 2 Park Place Lobby RenderingImage courtesy of https://thewoolworthtower.com/

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